Reading Auer and Fairman 1
Reading Auer and Fairman 2
Reading Oakes 1
Reading Meyerhoff 1
Reading Meyerhoff 2
Reading Meyerhoff 3
Reading Fredsted 1
Reading Fredsted 2
Reading Fredsted 3
Reading Chambers 1
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Reading Chambers 3
Reading Trudgill 1
This file on Greek dialects is for interest only and nothing to do with my course, says Prof. Trudgill.
Reading Trudgill 2
Do read as much as you like or think necessary :) As this is a complete book, dont share this file with others but have them buy the book!
Reading Janssen 1
a chapter by Milroy
Reading Janssen 2
Tyler Kendall, Corpora from a sociolinguistic perspective